【Safe, Effective and Durable】 In general, the solid stick is more resistant than essential oil. In addition, the adjustable diffuser allows you to choose the intensity of the perfume. Certified by ROHS, 100% natural without chemical or toxic. Safe, fast and effectively replaces the smell of smoke, food and other odors, adopting a special craft that allows each aromatic stick to last approximately 2.5 months.

【5 Types of Stick Auto Diffuser】Diffuser car air freshener offers customers 5 scented sticks, they are all the latest styles in 2019, these 5 auxiliary refills are lemon, cologne, sea, lavender and violet, professional extraction, pure aroma , a pleasant subtle aroma, lasting fresh air. If you want to use your own aroma or aromatic essence, wash a consumed incense, let it dry and then impregnate it with any aromatic essence of your choice.

【Easy to Install】 Put the room air freshener on all types of air conditioning grills, using its pliers. Very easy to install and uninstall. Just bring the aroma insert into the holder and keep the vents in the car, you will have the fresh air you want.

【Spiral Design】 It is easier to adjust the aroma via the rotary key, Adjust the concentration of the fragrance at any time and maintain the long-term effect of the car fragrance.

【Exquisite and Classic】 The size of the car air freshener is only 8 * 1.9 cm, very small and compact, it won't take up too much space, black, classic and modern design of the surfaces. Not only an air purifier but also a good decorative equipment